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Elevating Nonprofits Summit

Elevating Nonprofits Summit

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Tuesday, February 28 2017

 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. | Complimentary Reception

Wednesday, March 1 2017

8:30 – 9:00 a.m. | Check-in & Continental Breakfast

9:00 – 10:15 a.m. | Welcome & Keynote -  Uncharitable, Presented by Dan Pallotta

10:30 – 11:15 a.m. | Activity: Develop a Belief Statement

11:30 – 12:45 p.m. | Lunch/Curbside Connections

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. | Break-out Session 1

2:15 – 3:15 p.m. | Break-out Session 2

3:30 – 4:00 p.m. | Closing

All events are located in the Lory Student Center, CSU Campus, Fort Collins, CO 

Session Descriptions

Developing a Belief Statement

A belief statement is a short but powerful tool an organization can use to get at the heart of why they exist. It creates a vivid mental image of the organization’s core principles, while also evoking a positive emotional response that funders, supporters, and the public can rally around. This statement is powerful enough that it can guide an organization toward more meaningful connection among board members, staff, and the publics you serve. Based on the innovative work of Dr. Constance DeVereaux, incorporating a belief statement into your organization’s strategic thinking and everyday management can be transformative. Our faculty lead you in a process for creating your custom belief statement as the foundation for the remaining activities of the day

Promoting a Belief Driven Organization

Presented by Zach Mercurio

Recent research suggests that up to 70% of employees in the U.S. are disengaged in their jobs including in the nonprofit sector. When employees are engaged in their work, they are willingly go the extra mile, work with passion, and feel a profound connection to their organization. Employee engagement is a key predictor of both satisfaction and performance.

The employee engagement workshops focus on research-backed ways organizations can build a culture of engagement. By focusing on (1) how to design and facilitate meaningful work, (2) create an open and supportive work environment, and (3) empower supervisors to develop effective relationships, workshop participants will learn applied and practical strategies to increase and maintain employee engagement.

Shared Leadership and Building Trust: The Board/Executive Director Relationship

Presented by Lea Hanson

Who’s in charge is a question frequently asked in non-profit organizations. Is it the Board of Directors with the president of the board at its head that drives the direction and management of an organization, or is it the executive director who occupies the chief leadership role? In truth, shared leadership is the norm for non-profits. But the balancing act needed to function effectively with board and executive director leading in tandem requires some training. It’s not enough to know the split of duties and responsibilities. What’s also required are skills for negotiating the balance in ways the build trust, efficiency, and accountability.

This workshop focuses on integration of those skills in the day-to-day, and long-term functions of non-profit organization management. We cover ways to build trust into board/executive director relationships, systems for shared leadership, effective oversight strategies, and ways to integrate best practices for organizational well-being now and for the future.

Business Model Mapping for Mission Driving Organizations

Presented by Arthur Sintas

Any successful organization (for profit or not-for-profit) knows the process to deliver value is more important than any product or service your organization can develop, despite how innovative it may be. Business Model Mapping is a tool that allows organizations to map out their business and fully understand the key elements (or building blocks) that are fundamental to a strong business plan. Business Model Mapping for Mission Driving Organizations takes the same concept, but redefines some of the key elements to reflect the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. By understanding your business plan, you can adjust tactics, reallocate resources, and align your products and services to meet the need of the beneficiaries your organization set out to serve.

This workshop will: (1) Introduce the Business Model Canvas for Mission Driven Organizations and define the nine building blocks (2) facilitate a hands-on discussion to start mapping your organization’s business model. At the completion of the workshop, participants will have deeper understanding of the Business Model Canvas and know how to use the tool to strengthen your organization’s process to deliver value.

Brand Strategy for Nonprofits

Presented by Tuba Ustuner

Commercial enterprises consider their brands to be one of their most important strategic assets because successful brands drive customer engagement, identification, loyalty and perceived value. So, they invest tremendous resources to manage their brands effectively. They conduct meticulous research to develop new insights that their brands can leverage. They build brand strategies to guide every public-facing action which can influence customers’ perceptions of the brand. And they develop evaluation metrics to measure their brand’s equity and track its progress.

In this workshop, our goal is to help nonprofit organizations improve their efforts to deliver on their missions by adapting cutting-edge branding ideas, tools and methods. We will start the workshop by discussing the logic of brands and branding, and how to organize a brand strategy. We will distinguish between branding your organization and branding your focal issue—a crucial difference compared to commercial branding. We will help you identify the key brand issues that you need to solve, and then guide you through the path of proper analysis and strategy development to develop branding solutions. This will be an interactive session in which your participation in working on solving your organization’s key brand issues will be shared with the group as a key part of the learning. 

Speaker Bios

Dan Pallotta

Dan Pallotta is a builder of movements. He invented the multi-day charitable event industry. He created the Breast Cancer 3-Day walks and the multi-day AIDS Rides, which raised in excess of half a billion dollars. He is the author of “Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential”. His iconic TED 2013 Talk has been viewed more than 4 million times. It is one of the 100 most viewed TED Talks of all time. 

Zach Mercurio, M.S.

Zach’s research interests include the meaning and meaningfulness of work, emotional organizational commitment, training and development, and the assessment of organizational development programs. His research has been featured in the Human Resource Development Review and showcased at the Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference.

Zach has over 9 years of professional experience designing purposeful training programs and dynamic customer experiences in both the corporate and higher education settings. He also is the author of a popular blog on purposeful leadership and organizational development (www.purposespeaks.com) and professionally speaks on topics such as leading with authentic purpose, experience design, and creating meaningful workplaces.

Zach is an instructor at Colorado State University and a Ph.D. student in the Organizational Learning, Performance and Change program (OLPC). 

Lea Hanson Ph.D

Her areas of expertise include organizational communication, association management, and organizational leadership. Her dissertation research focused on how generational differences in the workplace affect supervisory relationships.

In addition to her professional experiences in higher education, Lea’s professional background includes communication and management consulting. She is also an Assistant Professor in CSU’s School of Education. Lea brings a passion for elevating staff culture, enhancing workplace communication, and empowering all stakeholders to contribute at their fullest capacity.

Lea received a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of North Dakota and a master's degree in student affairs in higher education from Colorado State University. After almost a decade working in higher education roles including student leadership advising and Admissions, Lea completed a Ph.D. in organizational performance and change at Colorado State.

Tuba Ustuner, Ph.D

Tuba is a highly accomplished marketing strategist and cultural researcher, with particular skills in conducting cultural research to inform strategy. She has published in leading marketing journals such as Journal of Consumer Research, as well as The Harvard Business Review. Her expertise includes a wide range of topics including branding, business marketing, marketing in less industrialized countries, and gender and social class.

Tuba has received numerous awards for her excellence in research and teaching. Before joining Colorado State University, Tuba was an Associate Professor at the City University of London. She also taught the Executive Education Programme for Oxford University’s Said Business School. Currently she is an Associate Professor at the College of Business at CSU. She teaches at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She also occasionally consults for commercial and nonprofit organizations. Prior to launching her academic career, Tuba worked for Procter & Gamble.

Tuba received her doctorate from the Harvard Business School. She also has a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Texas Tech University.

Arthur Sintas MBA

Arthur Sintas serves as the Director of Ascend. He received a Bachelor's in Speech Communication and a Masters in Business Administration from Colorado State University. He was hired at CSU full-time and has worked for over ten years in a variety of departments, including Admissions and Student Affairs. His career also includes serving as a Retail Store Manager for many years with Starbucks Coffee Company which was foundational in developing his people-focused approach to management. Because of his unique blend of corporate management and higher education, Arthur was recruited to bridge client needs and expectations with the educational programs and services of a world-class research university. He brings a passion for delivering high quality experiences to organizations ready to partner with CSU to reach their highest potential.